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glove testing

Electrical testing is an important aspect of facility maintenance in order to stay OSHA compliant. The ASTM F496 requires in-service electrical gloves to be tested every 6 months. Gloves which have been tested but not in service need to be tested within the previous 12 months in order to be placed into service. Southwest Energy Systems now offers electrical glove testing. Our company has also been awarded GSA (Government Services)03FAC contract.


Electrical Testing Services in the Southwest and Beyond

Is your company up to speed on the latest information on the requirements to performing Electrical Testing and Arc Flash compliance?  There have been a lot of changes to the electrical testing standards in recent years, and you may not be in compliance.  Southwest Energy Systems provides electrical testing services, experienced field technicians and electrical engineers that will provide you with accurate, complete and comprehensive results.

Southwest Energy Systems is a third-party electrical testing and electrical engineering studies firm.   We thoroughly check, test and investigate electrical systems to save our clients time, money and resources, also considering safety in the workplace. Southwest Energy Systems strongly believes in the word "service."

We Offer an Important Service to our Clients

Conforming to the 2015 version of the NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Standards is an important responsibility that is taken seriously when preforming electrical work. We offer electrical services such as arc flash safety hazard analysis and evaluations per the NFPA 70E electrical standards, power and substation services, transformer services, grounding, circuit breaker services, energy services, conformity services and electrical engineering studies.

Testing and Monitoring

Depending upon where you are with your electrical system, or the maintenance of it, we can assist you in many ways with our electrical services. Oftentimes the problems you may be experiencing may not be what you think. In this case, it may be more beneficial to monitor your system to confirm any electrical anomalies or confirm the efficiency of your system. Highly accurate monitoring and recording instruments can be placed in key locations in your system to help diagnose where the problem may be. Upon analyzing the information from the data recorders, it may be determined that additional testing of protective devices is warranted. Additional electrical work may be needed. 

International Electrical Testing Association (NETA)

Southwest Energy Systems is a Full Member Firm recognized by the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA). The NETA organization is considered the “standard” for quality in the field of electrical testing and requires its members to undergo high level inspections, evaluation and audits to assure that only quality, unbiased testing and engineering services are provided.

Partner Test Lab for TUV Rheinland® of North America

Southwest Energy Systems is a recognized and credentialed Partner Test Lab for TUV Rheinland® of North America, one of the largest Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) in the nation and is authorized to provide electrical testing, field evaluation and conformity services under that agreement.  When you need an independent recognized evaluation of your equipment to get your facility back in production, call us.  We’re here to help you get through the process.


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